And? Yes – it’s insanity. Because Local Search sucks.

Local search sucks.

Who says that? Well – anyone trying to get into local search says it. They may not say it out-loud, but believe me – they’re saying it,


Because too much of it is about SEO – about playing to the rules – about ensuring you’re doing everything right as a business. Virtually none of it is about making sure a business is providing accurate information about the products that they sell.

Wouldn’t it be nice if … ?

Yes – it would be. But.

What about the basics? Who is showing you where you are, today?

This is the real value of dealing with a professional who does this every day.

The problem is that so many people claim to be professionals. This happens with most industries. The issue here is that too often, companies who are well versed in helping small-medium businesses with their online presence are lost in the fray.

Check out many. Check us out too.

Finding people who can give you a free example of what is available is worth a fortune.


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