Facebook business pages

Facebook introduced their Business Pages early this year.  Have you created yours yet?

We’ve all heard of Facebook and the literally hundreds of millions of people who are using Facebook today.  Business has been able to place ads on the site for a while now.  But what is the use of a business page for you?

The simple fact is that Facebook has an awful lot of people using it.  And they are building their own database of local business, but the beauty of this one is that they have an extremely simple way of helping you keep in touch with those users who are interested in your business:  The “Like” button.

As soon as someone uses the Like button on your business page, they will then be advised in their Facebook news feed of announcements and so on that you will be able to put out there for them.  It’s an extremely powerful tool, and every business needs to be taking advantage of it.

Have a quick look here:


and you’ll see just how easy it is to get started.

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