A final followup from Yext’s Xone

A final followup from Yext’s Xone

Xone seemed to me to be an odd foray into the rough and tumble world of hardware for a company like Yext to take. The concept was interesting, and the product worked.

But – simply put, Yext is a software service provider. They’re pretty good at what they do, but they have become quite the monster machine, while innovation and nimbleness remain at the root of a company like ours. That’s how we can provide a superior product at a lower price, and still offer the best customer service while doing it.

Xone was a distraction. And for those companies who went along for the ride and invested time and money into their deployment of xone, it is very unfortunate that all of this effort has been lost. Last week, xone died. Terminated, and discontinued. It was probably the right decision for Yext to make.

The idea was good. The delivery was not.

Keep watching this space – alternatives that make a lot of sense are coming.


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