How one Mega-Business uses Twitter

Now, we know that Virgin America does not fall into our SMB world, but wow – here is an example of extreme twitter that shows just how far a company can go to use social media to its advantage.

Virgin America revealed how their two person social media team monitors Twitter so closely that they not only ensure satisfaction of their customers but they’ve differentiated themselves from their competition by doing so. Some stories worth sharing: By combing tweets, Virgin noticed that an in-flight customer hadn’t received their sandwich yet. Virgin’s team was able to respond by quickly sending a message to the on-flight staff. The staff was able to get the sandwich to the customer and at the same time Virgin was able to demonstrate their fast response time publicly via Twitter. They’ve even gone as far as helping customer’s celebrate notable milestones while in flight. A customer tweeted casually that they just received their PhD. By simply retweeting their comment and asking people on board to buy the customer champagne, it not only made that customer’s day, it showed that a brand truly cared and collaborated with other in-flight customers to help her celebrate!

An extreme example, but it sure shows where a corporation can find real value in the new age of social media.

How is your business using social media today?

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