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Mistakes in your listings? Missing? Bad reviews? Check now!


Get Expert Help, For Less…

We help businesses fix their listings and maintain a good reputation online.


We help you find where you are listed, add you when missing, and fix mistakes you will almost always find.  


We show you where customers are leaving reviews, and we help you promote or repair issues.


Your simple dashboard allows you easy and direct access to control what you want to, when you want to.


We have been in online local advertising for 20+ years. We can help you spend the least and get the most.

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You can find the short way, or the better way…

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The Difference Why Choose us, simple we are the bests.


We have been doing this since the beginning. We know what works and we know what does not work. Our experience saves you time and money.



We maintain a baseline report of where you started and we show you specifically where all the improvements have been realized.


A lot of services are simply automated. We automate, but we have experienced pros who oversee every step – you’re paying for service, and you’re getting real service.


Join hundreds of other successful businesses taking advantage of FixMyInfo!


Celebrating 25 years in digital advertising in 2016 CALL US: (518) 907-4520  or CONTACT US