Will clients find you?

Will clients find you?

They’re looking for a local business just like yours: will they find you?

Nowadays, very few people use the phone book to find local businesses. Why should they? All the directories are online. They hit the internet, often using their handy smart phones, and they search for a specific type of business in the area where they live. It’s like magic! Names, numbers, even GPS co-ordinates pop up in an instant. But did they find you?

To them, you’re only as good as your listing

Yes, we know it’s not really fair. But when people want fast access to a business like yours, they consider a strong online presence that makes you easy to find to be all they need. If your competitor is easy to reach and you aren’t, guess where they’ll go? Strange but true: they’ll even see the presence (or absence) of a listing as something that reflects on your professionalism and credibility.

It’s all about instant gratification. Getting a single listing right just isn’t enough. Are you on Google Places? Good for you! But what about all the others? There are a multitude of sources for information, and if you’re not listed, you effectively become invisible.

Almost everyone’s tech savvy. We make you tech friendly

If you don’t need new business from fresh clients, just keep going as you are. If you want to attract fresh business and more clients, it’s time you got tech friendly.

Time. That’s the whole problem isn’t it? You’re busy doing what you do best. Now it seems we’re telling you that you need to spend hours online trying to work out how to get your info right across multiple platforms. Life can be tough sometimes – but in this case, it doesn’t have to be!

Let us fix your info – you’ll see the rewards in your bottom line

This isn’t some service that promises you the earth before vanishing. We stay with our clients every step of the way. Our monthly reports will show you just what we’ve done, and how you rank in local listings. Your bottom line will reflect it too. Plus, we don’t keep you in the dark with ‘trade secrets’. Need to edit your listings? We’ll show you how – or if you haven’t got the time, we’ll help you out.

Besides getting local listings right, there are additional steps that will improve your visibility in searches. Have you verified the listings? Is there extra information about your business? These are things that both search engines and your prospective clients like to see.

Who cares about the worldwide web? You want locals! We help them find you

If your website and business listing is visible in Timbuctoo, that doesn’t help you – unless you happen to operate a business in that far-flung corner of the globe. What you need, whether you already know it or not, is visibility in local search.

Butchers bakers, candle-stick makers and your business all rely on local custom. The worldwide web can only help you if you appear as a local business that locals can easily find or contact. Once they’ve got in touch, you’ll surely impress them with your expertise, but if they can’t find you, you’ll never get the chance!

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