Online reputation by Supermedia?

Supermedia today announced that it was now offering a reputation management tool for its clients.

“Online reputation management is becoming increasingly important to small businesses,” said Greg Sterling, Senior Analyst, Opus Research and principal, Sterling Market Intelligence. 

There can be no question that making sure you know what people are saying about your business, and better still, proactively responding and managing your business profile online is hugely important.

In today’s world of non-stop tweets, consumer reviews and ‘everyone has an opinion’ Facebook postings, monitoring your online reputation is a daunting enough task for major corporations with the staff available to do so – it’s even harder from SMB’s.  And it’s just as important, if not even more so.

Supermedia coming out with a tool for its clients is one step in the right direction.

Steve Mitchell is an internet professional with more than sixteen years experience in the field of local search and web based systems.

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