SuperMedia and Dex One Enter Cross-Distribution Agreement

What does this mean to businesses looking to maintain their data?

Both Dex and SuperMedia will continue to maintain their own basic databases of information.

SuperMedia (SPMD 10.70-0.11-1.02%), and Dex One Corporation (DEXO 9.27-0.07-0.75%) today announced a cross-distribution agreement that allows both companies’ advertisers to have their business profiles and other enhanced content appear on both ( and DexKnows(TM). (

It is only “enhanced content” (ie: paid content) that is to be cross-distributed.  And you would be justified in hoping that would be a problem solved if you are an advertiser.

But don’t be fooled!  You would be amazed at how many times we have found issues for our clients in advertising that they are paying for!

Use FixMyInfo and check your business information.  Check your ads that you are paying for.

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