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Classic 19 Canada

Great value for a tighter budget. We help you with your online presence on the top 19 directories and sources greatly enhancing your business online accessibility and visibility, including monitoring your business reputation.

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Deluxe 31 CDN


Niche Dominator

The right address. The right telephone number. The right website and email. All the right ways to reach you, instead of your competitors.

More than that – the easier way to manage your reviews- how are customers talking about you.

Yes, I want my data to get and stay fixed, and I want to be able to see and respond when people review or comment on my business!

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We love local. And we want you to get the best out of your potential online. (We want referrals too – so we have to make sure you’re happy!)

Service Includes:

  • Initial baseline report from top 19 major directories, before work begins.
  • Personalized marketing dashboard providing ongoing updates on your local directory listing progress including your visibility score, live reports, and more
  • Add payment types, products, brands, business hours
  • Add up to 5 keywords and locations
  • Monthly reports
  • Progress report showing where you were, and where you are now
  • Automate reporting to be sent to you – overview, local, directories, citations, reputation, website
  • Monitor how your website appears on all devices – desktop, mobile, tablets
  • All this, and with more services coming online regularly.

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Our service saves you time and money by doing all the work for you, but perhaps even more importantly, it helps existing customers find you when they need you, and it helps new customers find you when they are looking to buy your product or service – consumer research says that not fixing this costs local businesses billions of dollars a year in lost sales. Why monthly? Sure – we fix it. But old data will come back to haunt us all, and new listings come up all the time. So it’s very important to monitor it – we do that for you. But most of all – tens of millions of reviews and comments are posted every day – what are customers saying about you? Your products? Do you know? Have you even had the chance to fix it?

A good reputation is hard earned and easily lost. We make sure you keep your good reputation.