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Our local business listing management solution provides a one-stop dashboard for small and medium sized businesses to control their online presence.
We focus on increasing the local visibility your physical and online locations through digital marketing, social media and delivering inbound clientele.
With your baseline report, you will see the progress made any time you want to. Our team gives you Professionals in Local Listing, SEO, Social Media and Advertising.
With FixMyInfo, you have a team of experienced Professionals working for you, driven by results but without the usual cost, management or risk.

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What is Listing Distribution?

Improve listing consistency across more than 300 sites. Listing Distribution submits your business listing to the four major data providers: Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup, and Neustar (Localeze). Together, these data providers are referenced by over 300 online listing directories. Optimize your listings for three factors that impact local search rank: the number of online citations, the … Read moreWhat is Listing Distribution?

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Why Local Listings Are a Critical Part of the Customer Experience

By Greg Stirling for Local Search Association I like to write about real-world experiences because they help illustrate the abstract ideas we’re always discussing. Today’s example involves inaccurate location (inventory) data and the subsequent brand fallout. Here’s the setup: I’m having some rooms in my house painted. I needed to get a specific paint color number for … Read moreWhy Local Listings Are a Critical Part of the Customer Experience

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By Andrew McDermott for Grade.Us Reviews are kingmakers. You know it, I know it. Share online reviews on the right platforms and you attract an enormous wave of attention. Get customers to promote your reviews within their sphere of influence and you extend your reach exponentially. But how? By sharing your online reviews with customers! There’s more to it … Read moreHow To Share Online Reviews Proactively Using Social Media

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By Andrew McDermott June 26, 2018 for Grade Us Can I trust you? It’s the question your customers want an answer to. It’s also why customers turn to online reviews from a trustworthy, unbiased third-party source. Fake reviews are the problem. Customers can’t always trust marketers to deliver on their promises. Research shows entrepreneurs, marketers and sales people … Read moreWhy Fake Reviews Are Like Fake News and What You Can Do About It