Google My Business updates insights email sent to businesses

Google My Business updates insights email sent to businesses

By Mike Blumenthal from his blog, found here

Google, just off releasing a raft of new products and still testing others, has significantly updated the monthly Insights email that is being sent to GMB account owners.

This email, one of many email notifications that the GMB is sending out, has significantly more information than the previous email. Particularly this new email sends specific details instead of a rounding off at 999.

When viewed with the many other new emails that GMB is generating (notification of customer uploaded photos, posts expiring) as well as the emails around new reviews, ad credits, calls to action to add a new Website, and update your listing, Google has significantly upped their communication game around the GMB.

I am curious your thoughts on the new email? Will it attract business owners back into the GMB? How about all of the other email communication that is coming out of Google? Are they driving you and your clients back into the dashboard? What do you see as Google’s goal beyond simple engagement?

Here is the new monthly Insights email:

For comparison here is the email from last month:


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