The truth about content marketing

The truth about content marketing

The following is a refreshing look at what we do.

Instant results cost a lot of money (read: buy advertising) and they do indeed deliver. But the second you stop advertising, those results are no longer coming in. For some businesses, this is ok. For most businesses, it’s the longer term that counts the most.

Jay Acunzo takes you straight into the brain of just about every content marketer out there.

We should have admitted long ago that content doesn’t scale quite like buying ads; that this stuff isn’t a middle school field day where we all get trophies; that this is about having a more creative mindset, a more audience-first approach, and a deep love of craft.

This isn’t easy. This isn’t something you find on a listicle. This is a a ruthless battle to out-work someone else, generate the best ideas, hire the best talent, and produce the most creative and most beautiful and most resonant ART!


He could not be more right.

We may not share an opinion on actual SEO, but the fact of the matter is that it is not something that happens overnight. Success in SEO takes time…  but each step you take has a shelf-life of sometimes years. Buy an ad? (We can even help you!) And you’re likely to get potential customers coming to your door. Invest in content, and SEO? You’re going to have potential customers coming to your door for month after month after month after year after year.

So where does that leave the business owner who really is just looking for new business?

Simple – you need to buy ads. And you need to buy great content and SEO marketing. With that combination, you are taking the business that is available today, and you are playing the long-game too, where more and more targeted customers are going to be coming to your door.

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